Better Homes and Gardens

by Kay Gabriel on July 24, 2017

i. Scene or Posture

we are the bitches of Avenue X
most of us are dead anyways or drove home
there were Reward Miles involved
butted lines at concert, that kind of thing
weavers of failed delivery sexts, fishers of drive
c’mere and founder on the shoals kind of thing
a suspenseful clutch of talent, who knew?
mature would be ignore it
go home at noon like 4:50
sleep it off at the altar of the not totally unfortunate looking
any wad that gums it up
it’s yours for blowing, like
have you ever been punk?
it goes like this:

ii. Competitive Fictions

The closer they glom the more they
know about derailleurs and shit
you’d like to tuck them in
at home, plant &
add water till they grow willowy
mean & well-behaved, each
bowing to a blaze of mirrors like the Eve of an Eve

who can’t get hard or down, whose eyes
won’t bug. Was it grace waiting all night at a keyboard
for an unmentionable chord, was it kinder to be 40?
From her perch reciting: Homer calls it
atrugetoio the sea, unyielding
a barren downy bed, a nymph’s mucosal hug
Oh, baby girl. Your princess, etc. Find another row to hoe another.

iii. les neiges de J/O, New Jersey

Wake up in the 90’s like you crashed
the walking tour of the decade’s tallest
girlfriends and their driveways
& broke up the band
the names are still kinda special
they’re all burnout
vegetarians or you get the idea
they’re hot and you’re naked
Everyone looks good here
you could be a +1

Kay Gabriel is the author of Elegy Department Spring (BOAAT Press, 2017) and, with David W. Pritchard, Impropria Persona (Damask Press, 2017). She co-edits Vetch ( Find her provocations on Twitter at @unit01barbie.
Better Homes and Gardens - July 24, 2017 -