Schiller Woods Head

by Jay Vera Summer on October 29, 2017

Squint and it’s half-blue, bright
blue, cobalt, atop half-green, grass
green, bubbling up, gray
orb in the middle.

Tilt and it’s white light, yellow
lightning, strikes kaleidoscoping
in corners blue, gray, green.

Open and it’s a brooke, a bike
path, a hundred thousand trees
piled on top of each other, reminding
you life is just God dealing a deck of cards,
blue and green dealing.

Jay Vera Summer is a Chicagoan living in Florida. She writes fiction and creative nonfiction, and co-founded weirderary, an online literary magazine, and First Draft, a monthly live literary event in Tampa. Her writing has been published in, Proximity, LimeHawk, theEEEL, and Chicago Literati.
Schiller Woods Head - October 29, 2017 -